ODM MPs Call PNU for Dialogue
By Dennis Itumbi On 9 May, 2011 At 11:25 AM | Categorized As All News | With 0 Comments

THE Orange Democratic Party (ODM) is calling for dialogue with their PNU counterparts, over their move to withdraw members from the Parliamentary Justice and Legal Committee.

In a quick rejoinder though, PNU said that’s ODM cannot have their cake and eat it.

“You cannot withdraw members and then ask for negotiations, you first follow the law and then you call for talks,” PNU’s chief whip Johnstone Muthama told Dennisitumbi.com on phone.

In parliament legislators John Madi (Gwasi) and Nicholas Gumbo (Rarieda) claimed the party withdrawal from the committee was not a move to sabotage the constitutional implementation process but was aimed at encouraging dialogue.

“ODM is concerned with open blatant attempt by our coalition partners
to misinterpret and twist the motive of ODM’s decision to pull out its
membership from the House committee,”

“The ODM party decided to withdraw its members from the House committee to give dialogue a chance and this is not without presedent,’ said Mbadi.

And yesterday the two legislators called on their PNU partners to the
Negotiating table to find solutions to the problem.

But their PNU conterparts maintain that the matter was straightforward and di not need dialogue but strict adherence to the constitution.

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