Arrived in Nakuru. I will remain hopeful and pray until contrary info is authoritatively provided. That is all for now...

Dear @UN why would your staffer @DrAkombeRosyln be commenting on Kenyan election matters, yet she has already resigned from @IEBCKenya ?

I sincerely need a holiday, @mohammedhersi 7 days offer maybe. Mtu wa mungu ni kujiongea

@bonifacemwangi @joshkariuki It is your right NOT to vote. It is also your right to explain to us why you will not……

@makaumutua We knowyour plan. It will NOT happen. After that we will revisit.

Hon. @EstherPassaris, wewe ni shujaa. Asante for sharing your birthday with patients at KNH. Standing Ovation……

.@FredMatiangi is a CS who is incharge of two National logistical assignments at the moment and excelling in both. I salute you Sir

The part of Civil Society referred to as #EvilSociety better understand that on 26th October, 2017. Kenya will vote……

Thursday October 26, 2017 is a Public Holiday to enable voting

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Very well, next time do not believe this guys that #SocialiteLawyer loves to use...pole sana @NelsonHavi…

Fair Enough. Fair comment ...Mr. @EkuruAukot I disagree with your position on Election laws, but well I wish you well #JKL @KoinangeJeff

Yes Sir!…

.@PresidentKE @UKenyatta, "We are ready for the elections set for October 26 and I will only hold talks the People"

Chebukati @IEBCKenya, "We have an election on 26th October 2017"

8 days to the Fresh Elections, 26th October 2017. #ThePeopleAreSupreme

PREDICTION: Supreme Court to rule that there is nothing to clarify in their ruling, arguing it was very clear

If Nasa believes @IEBCKenya cannot conduct a free and fair election, why are they sponsoring candidates for Kitutu……

.@MarkMasai it was great being on #PressPass...going through the reactions and impressed by the feedback @ntvkenya

Meeting the Peopleof Garissa in their homes. Towns and villages #ThePeopleAreSupreme

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@NationalOil_Ke In a radical move @NationalOil_Ke, already has an Android App & will soon unveil a Cheap way to ref……

@NationalOil_Ke For Shillings 2,000, under #GasYetu you get a cylinder, burner and Grill - game changer by @NationalOil_Ke

@NationalOil_Ke .@NationalOil_Ke has already piloted the #GasYetu programme in Kajiado and Machakos.

@NationalOil_Ke The #GasYetu deal will see many homes move from reliance on firewood and Charcoal. Follow @NationalOil_Ke

Govt. through @NationalOil_Ke has cut down the cost of a 6kg gas cylinder from Sh5,000 to Shs. 2,000. It comes with cooking accessories

One Song, Two Families.... ♩ ♪ ♫ "Nipigwe Teke...Sitarudi Nyuma Nitiwe Pingu.....Sitarudi Nyuma Nipigwe Teargas...……

Nyahururu ni Ile Ile, on 26th October, 2017

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Nyahururu ni Ile Ile, on 26th October, 2017

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Not even the rain could stop @PresidentKE @UKenyatta from saying hello to the people of Nyahururu along their roads……

@SenMutula Asante. Have a great day Senator

@_gneiss @SenMutula We grew up as Five boys. No sister.

Wakili @SenMutula How is Sunday? Which is is you favourite bible verse if any? Two, do you agree with Siz on this ?

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.@PresidentKE @UKenyatta "Safari Hii Kofi Annan is not welcome to Kenya. The People will decide their leadership o……

DP @WilliamsRuto: "Mtego wa panya huwaNASA waliopo na wasiokuwepo. That is the risk ya kumangamanga na mtego.."

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The fact that @RailaOdinga does not want to participate in an election does not become a cris for Kenya.

@AfricaProg @RailaOdinga This is an outright lie. @RailaOdinga has personal police guard and at his residence too

@citizentvkenya @RailaOdinga Very Good @RailaOdinga, Asante for confirming you will officially be on the ballot an……

.@sautisol it is true, Tialala & Tibiim are empty slogans that sound like Witchcraft bells. #TanoTena has Development evidence stiched to it

Meeting People Living with disabilities at their State House

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Ferrying demonstrators to CBD from Kibera

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.@NelsonHavi I see the judgement by Justice Mativo has really affected #WakoraNetwork - Godspeed.

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@LarryMadowo @pgacheru In this book, he forgets that violence in football games leads to matches being played in empty stadia

@LarryMadowo @pgacheru it is journalism as captured in the revised edition titled @LarryMadowo.

The countdown to the Fresh Election on 26/08/2017 is on; Returning officers and Deputies Gazetted

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.@TheEconomist authored a great article - Finally someone has seen beyond the hypocrisy - Well written

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Asante @FredMatiangi - great democracies regulate demos, specific time, route and purpose.

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No more demos in CBD Nairobi. Kisumu. Siaya. Homabay and Migori

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@AdeolaFayehun The idea was since we cannot afford why not lease, that way, patients get treated now and we pay and……

@AdeolaFayehun Seriously? Kenya is tackling this issue by supplying two hospitals in each county with State of the……

@_gneiss @PaulKiarie_ @IEBCKenya @ezraCHILOBA Thank God Law was not written in Latin, some people would really hara……

For updates on #LiberiaDecides2017 @PatriceJuah would assist you get the context of the historic elections in Liberia

As Liberia awaits a Key announcement on provisional results - just impressed by this 'blogger,'… #liberia2017

Follow @jaomahony to catch up on West African coverage. Right now on #LiberiaDecides2017…

.@IEBCKenya something for the future - Braille ballot papers, or do we have them?…

Section 52 of the Election Act only recognizes a withdrawal that is done 3 days after nominations

Those who withdraw must be found to have violated section 52 of the Election Act regulations...

Here is my opinion, there will be an election on 26/10/2017. All candidates who were on the ballot on 8/8/2016, will be on the ballot

Justice Mativo also made another IMPORTANT finding - All @IEBCKenya commissioners and CEO @ezraCHILOBA are NOT guil……

@Ngaruthi Time is a good has a way of responding. It just started. High Court decision.

Key point: Justice Mativo: Issues of obiter dictum are not precedent or legally binding #AukotCase #UsiwahiOgopa

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.@IEBCKenya MUST now declare the only remaining candidate @UKenyatta as @PresidentKE That should happen this week. Really simple

.@RailaOdinga and Nasa team to read a 72 page statement to withdrawal from the Presidential race in a few. ODM will field amother candidate

@PresidentKE, @UKenyatta, " I will sign the Election Ammendment bill into law, immediately Parliament passes it.."

@kipmurkomen Why would anyone want the one dubbed #SocialiteLawyer - who threatens without biting. Good question

@ntvkenya Second @MachariaGaitho you are wrong. Where did you get your claim that helmets and protective jacket are……

First, Journalists should never be attacked in a protest that I condemn and am certain action will be taken @ntvkenya #PressPass

Pole sana my friend @Donsarigo, but the pain came as you did what you love, taking risks. Pona haraka bro.

#SystemYaFacts @RailaOdinga and Kalonzo have personal armed police security and police attached to their homes.

.@citizentvkenya the video of @RailaOdinga calling on women to show him 'Chupi' is factual. Let him deny it& I will prove it @WaihigaMwaura

@HassanOmarH Our differences, enrich our view and cement our relationships #KaribuOmar

Yes, some of us have sharply differed with Hon. @HassanOmarH in the past, but that is exactly why our relationship got richer. #KaribuOmar

New Excuse Alert: @RailaOdinga, " The election is over? Because our security with Kalonzo has been withdrawn," Very

Hahaaa...@HassanOmarH you have literally touched raw wounds. Such reactions, confirm your decision counts…

Yes @Twitter verify @JunetMohamed he is a second term MP, who deserves the blue badge. I endorse this message…

Former Kajiado Governor (ODM) Dr Nkadianye............ #ThePeopleAreSupreme

Former Kajiado Governor (ODM) Dr Nkadianye............

@IDLO @makaumutua It is that kind of infiltration that must be stopped and it has. An independent Judiciary must be……

.@IDLO has embedded researchers in the Judiciary. Researchers are attached to judges & they even write draft judgements. IDLO = @makaumutua

True @DavidNdii Kenya ratified the @IDLO treaty in 2009 - the process of withdrawal is 3 months. Ask @makaumutua -……

@gathara @IEBCKenya Nothing stops another change of law based on a comprehensive audit. Parliament has a 5 year mandate

@gathara @IEBCKenya There is nothing wrong in changing the laws either.

Kenya is greater than all of us. No one individual is larger than the 45m of us....@PresidentKE @UKenyatta

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