The story of King Hezekiah

King Hezekiah

Let me tell you a little known story in the bible

A little background will do at one time the children of Israel were taken to captivity and were ruled by the King of Assyria. Every year he made the Children of Israel to pay large amounts of money to him and he introduced a compulsory worship of idols.

Out of the 12 tribes of Israel only one remained – The tribe of Judah. King Hezekiah was the King of Judah. when he got in it was a very weak kingdom.

He rebuilt the walls and began introducing the true religion, he refused to pay the heavy taxes and to worship the idols.

The King of Assyria was very angry with him. King Hezekiah did not have a strong Army. The Assyrian King demanded payments r he would run over Judah.

Sensing defeat King Hezekiah sent a message to the Assyrian leader saying he was ready to pay, but the leader refused and instead made the payment even higher.

He reminded Hezekiah that he had defeated all other kingdoms and their gods did not help them. “Even your God will not help you”

Knowing he would lose King Hezekiah asked Isaiah to ask God to intervene for him and God sent back a message that the Assyrian King would not enter Judah and that he would die by the sword.

That night God sent his angel and all the soldiers of Assyria lay dead. The King made an about turn back to Assyriah, one day while the Assyrian leader was worshiping his idol gods he was killed by his own two sons.

At one time Hezekiah became very sick, and there was no cure to be found for his sickness. Isaiah, the prophet, came to him and said, “God has commanded that you get ready to leave this world, for you must die.”

Hezekiah did not feel that he could leave his people. He turned his face to the wall and prayed earnestly that God would make him well again. Then he wept bitter tears, and REMINDED God how FAITHFULLY he had tried to rule the people. And God heard Hezekiah’s prayer.

Isaiah was returning to his home when the Lord spoke to him again, saying, “Go back to the King and tell him that I have heard his prayer and seen his tears; and now I will add fifteen years to his life. On the third day he shall be able to go up to the temple to worship.”

Hezekiah was glad to hear Isaiah’s second message. He asked for a sign from the prophet, and Isaiah answered, “The sign shall be according to your choice. Shall the shadow on the sun-dial go backward or shall it go forward ten degrees?”

The sun-dial was the instrument by which the King might know the time of day; for he had no clocks as we have now. And Hezekiah asked that the shadow might go backward, as it would not seem like a sign for the shadow to move forward. So Isaiah prayed, and the shadow moved backward ten degrees.

And Hezekiah was healed of his disease, according to God’s word, and he lived for fifteen years more. During that time he built up his kingdom and became very rich.

He grew proud of his riches; but God rebuked him, and he humbled his heart again. When he died all the land mourned for him, because they knew he had been the best king Judah had known.

Now good people what is your track record? Are you investing on a track record that can convince God to add you more years on earth or that can make him change a decision on you?

God had made a decision on Hezekiah – he was going to die, he prayed and God changed his decision. Now that is powerful.

How did he do it, he reminded God his track record as a leader and his faithfulness. He did not appeal for mercy, he presented his track record and requested for 15 years to complete the job.

What impresses me the most about Hezekiah is that he not only got an extension of his time on earth but he also got God to tell him to choose the miracle he wanted to confirm it was God speaking.

He got the sun to count backwards…so he also reversed his age by some days and still got an extra 15 years.

Invest in the right track record friends and you can have a presentation to God to get a miracle you want.

God Bless You and Keep You