Open Letter to the President sent by a Modern Source Cop


I love this:

To start with I think our fallen officers in kapedo requires to be part of history of this country which requires to be known by the future generations and policemen of this nation.
We kenyans are fond of forgetting and leaving things on the drain so easily….in order to honour them and other fallen heroes of this nation, I think we should construct a mauseleum in the very place of their massacre and inscribe their names/pictures on the walls, then on the very wall give a brief story of the circumstances that led to their death.
Still around the mauseleum and the land around it,let the government secure the Land and construct a sprawling school or college to train police officers.
Let the names of the barracks be names of this brave worriors and others who happened to die fighting for our security and for our beloved country.
I think this idea,if adopted,will help very much to deter crime in this area due to the presence of officers all the time,and also in case of any incidence of rustling,deployment will be easy and fast due to nearness of security.
And incase the government find it hard to build a training school there, I think they should consider having a better police camp built and let it also have a well tailored plan,to meet the natives of the land and educate them on the dangers of rustling,the dangers of possesing firearms,the dangers of practising some traditional believes which encourage rustling,female genital mutilation,killing of other communities,the dangers of negative ethnicity.
Our officers attached there should be trained and equiped with the skills to offer humaniterian aid and also offer religious education to this people…this should be done through patnering with churches and mosques and any other religion deemed of importance to the natives of the land,by doing so they will have GODLY fear to respect the life of others and abstain from sin.also in this facility their
should be a hospital where officers will offer free medical services to the people.
This will enable continous interaction of police with the locals which will help curb friction and hostilities of the locals towards the police thus avoiding the massacring of police officers.
I’m sure that this is a long term solution to the situation in kapedo.