Do you believe you have a part to play in the development of Kenya even after criticizing, complaining and paying taxes like we all do?

‪#‎KenyaIsMe‬ is a personal expression of the fact that from security, to health to the wellbeing of fellow citizens you have a role to play, however small.

#KenyaIsMe is also saying yes I will share the info I get, Yes I will try to be in a Nyumba Kumi, Yes I will stop what I can…BUT Government owns the arms and the systems – it has the larger role to assure the country of security

#KenyaIsMe is admitting that Kenya is your business and you will play the role of a progressive patriot and build my country brick by brick as far as I can.

#KenyaIsMe is the contextual message by the President that we all have our responsibilities in building the nation and we all should play our part If you believe in that message, pick an icon below and make it your profile photo. For the ladies pick the one on your left…the one with braids and for the men the other one.